Closer To The Ground

I’ve been in an outdoor funk, if there is such a thing. First spring since 2008 that I didn’t fish springers. In fact, after landing my oldest son’s first ever salmon, I pulled the boat out of the salt water* at Buoy 10 on August 24th of last year and didn’t put it back in the water again until Memorial Day weekend. That’s 277 days without fishing**. Yikes!

Nothing really to blame except my own laziness and priorities. Part driven by a large amount of time now going to kid sports and activities as the three of them grow older and become more active. The other part… well… unfortunately, I let myself get too distracted by tough times at work along with a lot of time focused on other business ventures.

Father’s Day, I got knocked back into shape. My wife and kids gave me a great outdoor, homesteader, wilderness, nature, conservation, whatever etc… type book titled Closer to the Ground by Dylan Tomine. In the book, Dylan documents he and his wife’s move from the corporate world of downtown Seattle high rises. They instead, plant roots on an island in Puget Sound to raise their kids spending as much time as possible in the outdoors. When not working out of their home, they spend their days, fishing, crabbing, clamming, gardening / farming, hunting, chopping firewood, and cooking. Awesome!!!

As I write this on my back patio, it’s a warm July afternoon and I just took a break from chopping firewood for the coming winter. My Green Mountain Grill is smoking a couple pork shoulders while right next to it, my Luhr Jensen Little Chief seeps out alder smoke smoking some of last fall’s salmon. Surf-and-Turf for dinner tonight! Feeling very blessed and a little closer to the ground than I have in quite a while.

*I thoroughly flush the motors and boat with fresh water following each trip to the salt. I also run the motors regularly and keep up with annual service
**We did go razor clamming twice