Oregon Blackberry


So, I guess summer is over.  It wasn’t our “normal” summer with pre-planned trips to East Lake, Diamond Lake, Merwin, etc… like in years past but it flew by faster than expected.  Now, with October right around the corner, the weekends are filled with kids soccer and football.

There were a variety of reasons this summer was a unique outlier but not having plans did come with some benefits.   Inspired by Closer to the Ground on a July Saturday morning, the boys and I mounted our bikes with tupperware bins in backpacks and went searching for blackberries.


It turns out, one doesn’t have to go far from my house to be surrounded by a bazillion, sweet tasting, wild Oregon blackberries.  Much to my surprise, picking berries with a 7 and 5 year provided hours of cheap, yet rewarding, entertainment.  So much so, we did a repeat trip the following day – however, that might be due more to Garrett’s pick rate of 4:1 (save 1 for every 4 he eats).

With several pounds of blackberries in the freezer, we’ll be making berry crisps and pies all fall.