Fishing Frog Lake With Girls

The temperature continues to drop and I am spending more time indoors looking back at fishing pictures from this past year. As I relive the moments, it’s a reminder of how blessed we’ve been with outdoor adventures in 2017. However, it’s also a reminder of just how much I still have left to write about and publish. The fall has been an adventurous one that still needs documenting but I also have a sizable backlog from the summer. So here goes with another catch-up post!

At Frog Lake in 2016, Grace reeled in her first “by herself fish”. Most of her friends caught word of that experience fishing and camping and wanted in on the action. So, following my Father’s Day Wickiup boys trip in June, we camped and fished Frog Lake with 3 other families. The camp totaled 4 families with 10 kids comprised of a 1 year old, 7 girls (one mine) and 2 boys (mine). What an amazing camping, swimming, and hiking experience! But words can’t describe how different camping with Gavin and Garrett’s friends are than Grace’s friends. When boys go camping, they prefer to be covered in mud and dirt and girls like to use A LOT of baby wipes and paper towels.

I was more prepared for this shore fishing trip than I have been for any other in the past. Texting with the other dads, we coordinated fishing tackle and camp details during the weeks leading up to departure. I mentally prepared Gavin and Garrett that they’d need to be patient fishing guides for the newbie girls. The boys helped me rig 9 different rods to share with each kid. After several trips to Fisherman’s Marine, all 3 of our tackle boxes became fully loaded. We had enough gear to shelve our own little tackle shop out of the back of my truck.

We fished Frog Lake for a total of 1.5 hours over the 2 day and 2 night trip. The water level this year was exceptionally high making my go-to spots a chore to get to.  Regardless, most of the girls found riding bikes to be more interesting. The fishing we did do Grace passed on leaving the boys to chase trout with the 2 most experienced fishing friends. The four of them caught decent stringer of rainbows that they proudly served for lunch. I think everyone at camp had at least one bit of trout before moving on to burgers and hot dogs. Success!