Freezer Full of Herring

I’ve written before that I must have some sort of homesteader blood in me. There is a sweet satisfaction when I have a full stock of supplies at the start of a season. Whether it’s firewood, propane, smoker pellets, fishing tackle or anything in between, I like the gauge on full. Frozen herring bait for spring and fall salmon fishing is no exception to this full is better rule.

My original introductory article on this site was about the first full case of green label herring I purchased in early 2011. Since that time, it’s been a yearly tradition to stock up on bait in late January or early February. It’s almost pointless to fish for spring salmon before the end of March so the stocking of bait early tempers the anticipation bug a bit.

Over the years, I’ve had a few different bait suppliers for various reasons. This year, I purchased top quality bait from Tackle Time Bait & Charters. I was blessed that the Warrenton, OR based bait shop did a Portland delivery to their charter and guide clients. I was able to get in on a pre-order delivery and saved myself a drive to the coast and back. As a result of the bait purchase, along with a recent quarter cow purchase, one of my 3 freezers went from near empty to full. Happiness!!!