Snake and a Boat

What should you do if you find a snake on your boat? This question is one that had never crossed my mind. I had a friend that found a mouse on his boat after a winter of barn storage. But a snake, nope!

Here’s the setting…

Boat in camping on one of the 100s of islands of Potholes Reservoir in central Washington. It’s hot, really hot!!! My Hewescraft Sportsman spent the night beached in the sand not too far from my tent. Morning rolls around and it’s time to troll for trout… big trout!!! Eventually it’s time to head into Mardon Resort to get snacks, ice, etc. While still in the middle of the lake, I pull the fenders from storage in preparation for docking and uncover a surprise.

“Holy $#1T… A SNAKE”

“What should we do?” I say to my 7 year old son and father in-law aboard…

“Lets name him Bob” says my son…

What the???

How To Deal With A Snake On A Boat

Simple…You take a gaff around its midsection and you throw that that thing as far away as you can while someone else is on immediate standby to hit the gas to get out of there.

We didn’t do that right away. I had to learn the hard way.

I gave it a good throw alright but proceeded to watch the snake realize he had nowhere else to go but back onboard. Within a matter of seconds, the bull snake had worked its way across the water and was winding its way back up outboard motor.

“F-word, what should I do now???”

“Bob’s back!”

In a moment of desperation, I stabbed the snake with the point of the gaff, tossed it as far as I could, and my father in-law hit the gas. Best of luck to you Bob, we’re out!

Feeling Lucky

I usually only have my gaff on board during salmon fishing.. but for whatever reason, I decided to keep it on board full time. Never will I push off from the dock without a gaff.