Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Here we are again, another Thanksgiving and Christmas season upon us. After jumping out of the rat race for a little while this year, I have a new perspective on gratitude. I am finding myself intentionally walking a little slower and appreciating the simpler things in life. Simple things like hand-picked wild Oregon blackberries, homemade ice cream, and slow smoked turkey from the pellet smoker. All three of which I will be devouring soon.

For the past 3+ months, I’ve had several pounds of blackberries in my freezer. Like pulling frozen fish from the freezer, I can’t help but relive the memory of the catch. As my wife prepares a blackberry dessert for Thanksgiving, my mind is back to simple summer days. The picking of wild blackberries within biking distance from home has quickly become a favorite past time. Although my kids love vacations and camping trips, the bigger smiles each summer come from blackberry bounty. Picking, eating, and storing for winter…  Simple! Blessed to live where we live!

Cheers to the simple things in life…

Happy Thanksgiving!