Must Read Books

Those that know me well, know that I like to read a lot. In any given year, I get through roughly 35 to 50 books, mostly non-fiction. I use the word “read” loosely because more than half of my reading is via audio books while I am driving, walking, or working out. I read mostly business related books but in 2019, I am going to set a goal to read more from the outdoor adventure related genre. With Christmas coming soon, I wanted to share a few must reads for the general outdoor enthusiast.

Written by local (Portland, OR) author David James Duncan, The River Why, is my current favorite. It’s a humorous fictional coming-of-age story that intertwines life with the “opposites” of fly and conventional fishing. I’ve never laughed harder while reading a book.Order on Amazon here.

I first read and wrote about northwest writer Dylan Tomine’s Closer to the Ground in 2016. This book significantly changed my approach to how I share the outdoors and the changing seasons with my kids. I original described this one as a great outdoor, homesteader, wilderness, nature, conservation, etc.. type book. It includes some delicious yet simple recipes. Follow the author’s blog here. Order on Amazon here.

I am a fan of all things Steven Rinella. His Meat Eater tv show on Netflix is binge worthy for all ages.  And The Meat Eater podcast is the one I look forward to the most each week. Even is a hot spot place to go for fresh content on all things outdoors. Steve’s most recent book is a wildgame (and fish) cookbook I don’t have yet… but… I am including it here in hopes that someone gets it for me for Christmas. Order (for you and me) on Amazon here.