KORY- Fisherman, Father of 3, Husband, and for my 40 a week (yeah,right!), an IT Director


The name Herring Bytes comes from my passion for fishing and technology.  In fishing, a salmon will play with what is believed to be a wounded fish before committing to violently attack the bait fish containing sharp hooks.  The experience on the other end of the line called a herring bite is one of the most exciting experiences in fishing.  In technology, the world is comprised of bits and bytes.

Originally from central Washington State, I now call the Portland, OR area home.  I started this site in January of 2011 (first post) as a way to share my fishing adventures with family and friends spread out across the US and Canada.  I believe fishing is better shared, so that’s what we’re going for here.


My 2 boys, me, and a couple of 2014 Columbia River estuary salmon

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